Update on Danny – 11/9/13

Update on Danny:
Saturday Morning – 11/9/13; Praise the Lord, Danny had a good week. They inserted a smaller trach tube earlier this week to help him talk and future eating. They stood him up a couple of times on a tilt table and got him in a chair this week. Not bad for someone that the doctors, just a month ago, didn’t know if he would make it. That’s why we take any kind of advances in his …healing as a big encouragement. They also got him doing things for himself like raising and lowering his bed, turning on and off his TV, and a number of other things. They worked on the skin grafts on his chest and started to close the wound on his shoulder. Although he has days where the pain is high and he is a little down, he seems to be quite positive and wants to do things for himself and get better quick. He is still not able to have visitors yet because of the chance of infection and sickness, hopefully he will be able to have visitors soon.
Peggy thanks everyone for their prayers and concern for both Danny and her.

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