Update on Danny – 11/5/13

Update on Danny:
Monday Morning – 11/4/13; Spent some time with Danny yesterday morning and he was awake and doing very good, starting to get restless and the nurses are quite positive that he is feeling good and he is wanting to do things on his own. They are thinking that the Speech Therapist will be able to evaluate him this week to see if he can swallow satisfactory. If he can swallow they will…l try to make arrangements to fit him with a device so that he can speak with the trachea tube in, then they can also start giving him soft foods, I imagine that even hospital jell-o would taste good right now. They said that his shoulder is doing better, so please continue to pray that the infection will totally go away. He has surgery planned for Tuesday so pray that the surgeons and nurses will do what is needed to speed his road to recovery. Peggy was overwhelmed by the support and love from those at the car show Saturday afternoon. A big THANK YOU to those that put it on and those that attended. They will be having another car show and balloon glow on Saturday, 11/16/13 at Balloon Fiesta Park. Please pray that Peggy’s strength will return after her cancer treatment a week ago.

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