Update on Danny – 11/1/13

Update on Danny:
Friday Morning – 11/1/13; Danny had another surgery yesterday to cleanup the shoulder and remove the two skin grafts not responding. The doctors are concerned with the shoulder bone, pray that they will resolve the issue with the bone and tissue and can start rebuilding the shoulder area. Pray for Danny’s emotional state and not to be discouraged, especially when he hits these ‘bumps in the road’ of recovery. He was looking good yesterday after the surgery and was moving his hand quite a bit. Also pray for Peggy’s mindset that she will not overly worry, but trust in the ONE that can heal the body, mind and spirit. Although we don’t know why this happened, we know that God has a plan for all of us and we trust Him, and know He is in control of the healing process. We praise the Lord for all He has done.

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