Update on Danny – 10/25/13

Update on Danny:
Friday Morning 10/25/13; A little less than wonderful news, they had to re-intubate Danny yesterday afternoon after he had had a difficult time breathing. They removed some large globs of stuff (probably from the pneumonia). But, the nurses got him up last night and in a chair so they could push him around the ICU, I imagine he really enjoyed “getting out”. He still looks good and is in relative good spirits. Please continue to pray for him to get through this seemingly bump in the road of his recovery. We really do thank the Lord for what He has done so far to get Danny and Peggy through another episode in their life, and I’m sure they will tell you “God is Good!!!”.
Also, They downgraded him from critical to stable Wednesday, but he went back to critical after the insertion of the tube, but they will reevaluate him this morning to see if they can get the tube back out and downgrade him again.
Thanks for your prayers, calls, cards, and concern.

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